Monday, May 14, 2012

Dark Shadows

‘Dark Shadows’ was quite different from the original television show. Rather than being serious, this film attempted to be comedic. It was pretty much all over the place.

The film begins with Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) being turned into a vampire after he refused to be with a witch, Angelique (Eva Green). Centuries later he is accidentally resurrected and goes to live with the Collins family of 1972. Unfortunately, Angelique kept herself alive for a few centuries herself and owns a rival fishing business near the Collins Manor. Barnabas is determined to make the family business successful again and does everything in his power to restore his family’s former glory.

This film is very corny. It tries too hard to be funny and usually the humorous scenes aren’t funny at all. The cast was all pretty good and the music and atmosphere worked very well together, but the script was just poorly written.

The film starts well enough and gives the audience an idea that it’ll work, but just goes downhill from there. Johnny Depp performed very well, and Michelle Pfeiffer was pretty good, but the film just didn’t bring many laughs and was done very sloppily. Unfortunately, this Burton/Depp film will be forgotten quickly. 2/5.

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